Coaching provides an opportunity to identify patterns and behaviours that affect our ability to enjoy our lives, find fulfilment in our work and relationships, and maintain peace of mind throughout life’s ups and downs.

Through Coaching Your Destiny, whether you speak English, Kurdish, or Farsi, experience the distinct advantage of being able to communicate your concerns in your native language, and feel truly understood linguistically and culturally.

As a well-travelled spiritual seeker of Kurdish descent who has studied in India and the Middle East, I offer a depth of knowledge and understanding not only from my ability to work in various languages, but from a rich background in various philosophies derived from my travels and studies.

Fee: $150 per hour plus GST

Help for…

  • EMOTIONAL LIFE COACHING: identifying emotional patterns to which clients become addicted, and transforming the pattern to foster greater resilience and enhance emotional intelligence
  • MENTAL LIFE COACHING: guiding clients to understand the science behind change and how to overcome limiting beliefs and create lasting empowering beliefs
  • BEHAVIOURAL LIFE COACHING: supporting clients to identify resistant behaviours and inspiring them to take action to reach their next level of success
  • SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING: shifting clients into a space where they can find inner strength and peace to navigate difficult times, and create miracles in their lives
  • RELATIONSHIP COACHING: learn how to understand the perspective of your partner, appreciate their unique qualities, and disrupt negative or repetitive patterns in fun and interesting ways to create an extraordinary relationship

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